Being a World Healer: Masterclasses for How We Live Now

Two Standalone Journeys:

Date and Time Theme
Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 5pm US Eastern How We Live Now
Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 5pm US Eastern Living Mastery

Each journey is 2 1/2 hours in length. Recordings will be sent to all registered participants.
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What If the Hoped-for Shift Has Occurred?

Since the beginning of 2022, energetically sensitive people have reported a fundamental shift in the world pattern of consciousness and energy. It seems that a decision has been made at the level of collective human consciousness, and beyond, for Earth and nature to heal, and for humanity to awaken as a steward of the planetary healing process.

Perhaps counterintuitively, the planet is healing and humanity is awakening even as we are witnessing enormous difficulties in the world. The magnitude of humanity’s awakening is deeply related to the magnitude of these crises, which are healing crises. Similarly, our own awakenings and challenges are deeply connected to the awakenings and challenges of the world. When we are aware of the correspondences, how we respond in our own lives makes a big difference…

You Are a World Healer

To be alive and conscious on Earth at this time is to be a world healer. When you align with the Gaia-level decision to regenerate, how you live contributes to the healing process in an amplified way and you find that your own life flows more easily. When you know – or at least sense the possibility – that humanity’s awakening is assured and that life on Earth “makes it,” you release pent-up fears and become a vehicle for the healing power of Love. And you heal as well.

During each 2.5-hour masterclass, we will shift into the consciousness of world healing and take steps to align our lives with the pattern of planetary healing. We will share teachings and wisdom, meditate, and have heart-based conversations that connect us to one another. Each participant will gain world-healing insights and practices that can be applied right away. Everyone who registers will also receive the recording.

Register for “Living Mastery”
Sunday, June 5 at 5pm New York (+1 Day in Australia/New Zealand)

Enlightening Journeys is offering each “Being a World Healer” masterclass at the regular price of $50 USD, with a reduced-price option of $35 USD. Please select the price that is right for you using the pulldown menu below and complete the checkout process. Soon after your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and other details for the June 5 session. Thank you!

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Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions was founded to help you experience the joy of being alive and awake through online spiritual journeys and pilgrimages to sacred places. During the pandemic, Enlightening Journeys has been offering online adventures focused on coming home to your real nature and embodying the healed, transformed, and awakened world.

Your Guides

After 15 years in fast-paced roles, Irina Morrison replaced her designer suits with yoga pants and devoted her life to teaching. Irina assists people from diverse backgrounds in improving their well-being and discovering the essence of yoga – and themselves. She weaves her skills in business and counseling to create experiences of transformation, relaxation, and rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul.

Yanni Maniates is an author, mentor, and consciousness pioneer who has been teaching meditation, intuitive development, Hermetic wis-dom, and Ancient Mystery School subjects for 30 years. He has trained over a thousand people to attune their souls to Love, develop their intuition, and discover who they really are. Yanni is also a leader in the growing interspiritual movement that is fostering harmony amongst the world’s spiritual traditions. He is board chair of UNITY EARTH’s 501c3 nonprofit; a core founding member of Transformation365, an online contemplative practice community; and a prolific blogger.

Jeff Vander Clute sees through complexity to illumined possibilities. He loves empowering people to find their way during these times of great change and opportunity. Jeff works with the technologies of higher consciousness to bring forth clarity and love, and accelerate spiritual awakening. He is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, the Association of Spiritual Integrity, and the Global Compassion Council of Charter for Compassion International.

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