Embodying the Transformed World:

Transform at the Speed of Love

A Seven-Week Online Journey

January – March 6, 2021

Great Transformation Is Upon Us

Given the chaos, uncertainty, and confusion of these times, it can be challenging to find our way. Who do we need to become? How can we move forward when it is so difficult to see beyond the turbulence? How can we trust that life is guiding us benevolently, and that beautiful new possibilities are before us? How can we live, fully and gracefully, as agents of healing and transformation in a world that is changing too fast to understand in the familiar ways? The answer to these questions begins with saying a full and conscious “yes” to the transformed world that is already here and emerging…

This Is a Moment of Immense Opportunity

While humanity has been focused on the pandemic, our collective “operating system” has been upgraded. The organizing principles and archetypes of societies have shifted. The roadmap for achieving the good life has evolved. Although the story is not yet being told widely, we are standing on a new foundation, and by working together in new ways we can build an equitable, healthy, and flourishing world.

The challenges we face, individually, collectively, and as a species, are evidence of a great leap that humanity is making right now. Humanity has chosen to evolve, and much is falling away as the new ways of being and organizing ourselves are becoming established. You are invited to make the leap with us!

We Can Embody the Change

At this precious moment you can be the change most powerfully by embodying the healed and transformed world in your own life. When you are in an awakened state, your decision to embody directs the immense power of creation. You have the potential, through your daily choices and actions, to bring forth healing, awakening, and transformation for all.

“Embodying the Transformed World” offers you the principles and practices needed to create a thriving life for yourself, your communities, and the world. Our commitment is to help you to be a shining example of the joy and fulfillment that are available now. As YOU transform through and through, the world transforms from the inside out, and before long you will experience the benefits in deliciously unexpected ways.

Transform at the Speed of Love

The journey of embodiment requires that we understand, practice, and inhabit the transformed world in our activities every day. When we upgrade our own thoughts, beliefs, and interactions with one another, and take steps to nourish our well-being on every level, we accelerate the manifestation of the transformed world. As we live in alignment with the highest possibilities for humanity, our presence upgrades all that we encounter in often-invisible ways that work at the speed of love – faster than the speed of light.

What You Will Receive

“Embodying the Transformed World” offers insights, transmissions, and practices that have been sourced specifically for these times. As a result of participating in this course, you will:

  • Learn body-based and contemplative practices for aligning with the new reality.
  • Connect with a community of like-hearted souls on the spiritual journey.
  • Expand your embodiment to include loved ones, your communities, nature and the planet.
  • Deepen your understanding of healing and awakening.
  • Gain leading-edge insights into humanity’s evolution, and the bright future ahead.

This course will be a participatory and co-creative experience in which you can share your wisdom while also learning from the lived experience of others. Your presence will contribute to creating a potent field of alchemy, deep healing, and grace.

Your Course Guides

After 15 years in fast-paced roles, Irina Morrison replaced her designer suits with yoga pants and devoted her life to teaching. Irina assists people from diverse backgrounds in improving their well-being and discovering the essence of yoga – and themselves. She weaves her skills in business and counseling to create experiences of transformation, relaxation, and rejuvenation for the body, mind, and soul.

Jeff Vander Clute sees through complexity to the illumined possibilities. He is passionate about empowering people to find their way during these times of great changes and opportunities. Jeff works with the technologies of higher consciousness to bring forth radical clarity and love, and accelerate spiritual awakening. He is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, the Association of Spiritual Integrity, and the Global Compassion Council of Charter for Compassion International.

Yanni Maniates is an author, mentor, and consciousness pioneer who has been teaching meditation, intuitive development, Hermetic wis-dom, and Ancient Mystery School subjects for 30 years. He has trained over a thousand people to attune their souls to Love, develop their intuition, and discover who they really are. Yanni is also a leader in the growing interspiritual movement that is fostering harmony amongst the world's spiritual traditions. He is board chair of UNITY EARTH’s 501c3 nonprofit; a core founding member of Transformation365, an online contemplative practice community; and a prolific blogger.

Header photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash